Welcome to the Essential Series. The following 3 lessons are designed to get you up to speed if you are just starting out on your piano adventure. It covers the bare essentials you will need to progress onto the main course and start playing beautiful music and getting creative! Feel free to skip these if you are fairly comfortable with the basics.

These lessons are slightly different to my other lessons / patterns. I designed them to be in real time. This means (in theory) you can just hit the play button, grab a coffee and follow along with me in real time as we tackle these skills together.

Whilst I’ve made every effort to go at a pace that feels right to me in my experience as a piano teacher, there isn’t a one size fits all. So feel free to pause the video now and again or repeat certain sections as you need too. I hope you enjoy them so grab that coffee and lets get crackin’…

PART 1: Let’s get our fingers moving
PART 2: Our first chord progression
PART 3: Let’s nail that sustain pedal