Routine 1 – Hand Independence

A warm welcome to the first routine. This is the big one… hand independence. In this routine I have 3 exercises specifically designed to help get that left hand working with the right. They all work together and, in the end, give you something that sounds great.


Difficulty: Beginner / IntermediateVideo Time: 15:17

In this video I’m going to show you 3 hand independence exercises which you can plug into the piano HiiT Routine.




Lesson notes and Resources

And this is where it all starts…

There may be a few of you here who are familiar with this lesson. It is the free premium video which I gave away when you joined my email list

If you haven’t watched it… what are you reading this for? Click that play button and get started right now.

If you have watched it and are familiar with it… feel free to go straight to routine 1 where we are going to tackle hand independence.

Ok… so whats the ‘Best Adult Piano Practice Plan’… also known as the ‘Piano HiiT Routine’ all about.

Putting aside the shmancy title… Its about bringing structure to your piano practice so you know what and how to practice each time you sit down at that piano.

It is not the only way to practice… This is important. It suits those times you want something definitive and goal driven. Maybe a particular technique you are trying to master…

It doesn’t take account of those times you might want to simply sit at the piano and see where the muse takes you. This is an equally valid way of practicing and sometimes its not the best thing to have a rigid structure. But thats not what this course is about…

So… lets take a quick look at the routine itself, what makes this routine work and what you need to pay attention to.